We support you in your success story

Sarava is your partner in navigating the complex world of finance. We not only invest in your startup but also help you raise future funding through subsequent private investment, IPO, and M&A.


Startups need to raise money at every stage of their development to achieve success. We help with your fundraising strategy in the early and growth and potential IPO. While technology and entrepreneur-ism is your skill set understanding your funding and investment needs are one of Sarava’s core competencies. We help you through performing professional due diligence and valuations to determine the right investment structure for your startup.


Due Diligence

A thorough assessment into all aspects of your business will allow for better and more informed decisions. The due diligence process leads to an in-depth understanding of your company’s business operations, financial reporting systems, technical platform, human resources practices and your legal framework. We follow up with you on the business areas that need change, development and improvements small or large all of which help make your organization much more robust, more efficient,  and more scale-able. By reducing your operational and business risks we increase your business value.



Determining your company’s value is a measurement of your success. Having a reliable valuation for your business strengthens your negotiating position. While determining the valuation of startups in the technology and internet arena is not an exact science, we have probably performed more valuations than any other single entity in this space, hence we can guide you in indicating the valuation of your business through the various fund raising stages. Business valuations are based on the company’s future expected cash flow, future revenue growth in the business, company’s potential market share, interest from domestic and international buyers. 


M&A and IPO

Every founder’s dream is to see that their startup is changing the world, helping people in shaping new habits, and solving new problems. Sarava wants to help you realize the result of all your hard-earned efforts in your business and see you succeed. We assist you in executing a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) or planning a successful Internal Public Offering (IPO).



We are looking for promising entrepreneurs with great team who want to make a change in the world.