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Recruiting talent and managing teams at startups are difficult. We differentiate ourselves in hiring and retaining talented individuals by leveraging best practices from pioneers like Zappos. Be prepared to think out of the box to develop creative solutions for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Culture Development

Defining your company’s core values is a key factor that shapes your culture and brand. Building the right culture will make it easier to build a strong talent pipeline and attract the right candidates. A great culture increases business efficiency and reduces staff turnover. We assist you in creating and maintaining this culture as your startup grows.

  • Star Employee Profiling
  • Team Building
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Leadership Development

Star Employee Profiling

Team Building

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Leadership Development

Getting your small business to scale brings new challenges such as team building. Sarava Talent team has proved to be supportive, understanding, and patient. She has customized her considerable experience in large companies based on our needs and brought us unbelievable results.

Shayan ShalilehFounder and CEO of Anetwork


Building a great team impacts your growth. There are different ways to build a team but in order to recruit potential A-Players you must understand the core competencies of your company and its leadership. By helping you create a competency map we help align skills and attitudes with potential resources.

  • Running different personality tests such as MBTI and DISC
  • Creating and implementing a selection strategy
  • Identifying and building a talent pipeline
  • Going beyond traditional recruitment processes 




Training and Development

To grow and impact the workplace every team needs to acquire new skills and build on existing expertise. We help you identify the required skills, personality traits, and abilities for each position. A well-thought development and training program will be created based on this evaluation.

  • Company Orientation and Induction
  • Change Management Processes and Procedures
  • Leadership Development and Training

Talent Management

Talent management has to become a core competency in your organization. Our practice is to help you build this competency within your team.


Solmaz Mashreghzamini
Talent Management Lead


We are looking for promising entrepreneurs with great teams who want to make a change in the world.