We help you find your strategy

Our insight into global and local online and mobile businesses is a sure way to guide you in your life-changing journey. We help you define a strategy and turn that strategy into a business plan you can pursue.

Business Strategy

Understanding and defining a winning strategy that will lead to commercial success is  one of Sarava’s core competencies. You will have many choices on your journey as an entrepreneur and will constantly need to make vital decisions at each turn of the journey. It is critical that you consider all strategic opportunities before making key choices and decisions. Sarava is devoted in helping you define this winning strategy and making your business successful.


Business Development

Understanding the impact of changes in the business environment and responding to those changes are critical for your startup’s success. The Continuous refinement in iterations and strategic innovation is necessary to your business. We help you see the changes in your specific business environment and enable you to respond in an agile manner. Together, we’ll work out the modifications that your business model must undergo to have the necessary flexibility to compete in this changing environment. We help you identify new opportunities, prioritize them, and deliver superior performance by channeling your efforts in the right direction.

  • Understand the Business Environment
  • Develop, Evaluate Business Models
  • Learn to Respond changes in the Business Environment

Business Analytics

We would like to see your constant growth. As your business grows you will need to develop business plans, forecasts, and track actual management plans. We enable your business reach new heights by helping you put  a powerful business analytics system in place to give you a deeper understanding of your customers, sales channels, supply chain system and business partners. By making your business data driven you can grow your market share by gaining a clear edge over your competitors.

  • Business Plan
  • Forecasting
  • Business Tracking

  • Data Driven

Business Plan




Business Tracking


Data Driven

The Business

Ali Semsarilar
Business Development Lead
Arman Khosropour
Data Scientist
Pooneh Roosta
Data Analysis


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