Creating success stories

Sarava provides early, mid, and growth stage funding to promising Iranian entrepreneurs. We invest in companies that want to change the way we live and see the world. On this basis, We have invested in startups such as Digikala and Cafe Bazaar.

Portfolio Entrepreneurs

These are some of Iranian successful entrepreneurs. We provide entrepreneurs support to create unique value and to realize their dreams.

Hamid Mohammadi & Saeed Mohammadi

Hamid and Saeed Mohammadi, the famous twin brothers of Iran’s entrepreneurial community witnessed the challenges of traditional shopping firsthand when buying their first digital camera. This sparked an opportunity and an idea to pave the way for the delightful online shopping experience we know today as Digikala. 

Digikala is the most dominant brand in online retail with more than 85% of market share.

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Hesam Armandehi & Reza Mohammadi

Hesam Armandehi and Reza Mohammadi turned a failure into a glorious success. When their project on Iranian Android did not succeed, with a comprehensive understanding of market situation and users need, they changed it into the most successful Android marketplace in Iran.

The largest Persian Android marketplace. Cafebazaar’s mission is to empower local app developers and give Iranian users access.

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Shayan Shalileh

Shayan Shalileh is one of the most successful and influential figures in Iranian web and entrepreneurship community. He has launched many start-ups since 2001 and founded ANetwork, an online advertising company, in 2010.

Anetwork is a digital marketing and online advertising startup with more than 3000 monthly active publishers.

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Mohsen Malayeri

Mohsen Malayeri is one of the best known figures in Iran’s startups ecosystem and a successful entrepreneur in e-commerce. Obsession with empowering Iranian start-ups drove him to dound Avatech, a start-up accelerator, in 2014.

Avatech is a startup accelerator program that provides entrepreneurs with ingredients necessary for success.

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Reza Kalantarinejad

Reza Kalantarinejad in conflicts during his thesis believed that the fourth wave of converging technologies (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science) to create human civilization and technology is the missing link to connect products and commercializing them there. eventually these challenges in 1394 due to the launch of professional accelerator is Shezan.

Shezan is the first and only knowledge base accelerator in Iran which focused on commercialize emerging tech based products.

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