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What media’s talk about Sarava?

Sarava as an investing company has a professional attitude to talk to press.

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Here’s what it’s like to launch a start-up in Iran

About 15 years ago, he was the first kid in his Tehran high school to get the Internet. “Don’t try to tell anybody else about it,” he recalls his principal warning. “It might affect their culture, their beliefs.”

The Iranian Entrepreneurship Association uses GEI metrics to advance entrepreneurship in Iran

In Iran, one NGO has been busy for several years taking action that directly addresses bottlenecks in the Iranian entrepreneurial ecosystem, bottlenecks made visible with the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI).

Why Is Now the Best Time to Invest in Startups in Iran?

Many foreign investors are finding Iran’s market newly-opening to the world as the modern day gold rush. Many countries and companies have already sent delegates, days after the nuclear deal agreement in Vienna.

Post-sanctions Iran ‘could be the best emerging market for years to come’

Iranian businesses eye the trade that ending sanctions would bring, but say: don’t expect a Russia-style gold rush – we already have a free market

Avatech Selects 10 Startups For It’s Second Cohort

Tehran’s well known startup accelerator witnessed its second selection day event to choose 10 startups to join its acceleration program. The event took place on July 2nd where a group of angel investors, mentors and industry experts reviewed the 16 teams

Today Iran, tomorrow the world? Nuclear deal fires up entrepreneurs.

Foreign investors and Iranian business leaders and entrepreneurs are flush with optimism as they line up to cash in on the relaxation of economic sanctions under the nuclear deal.

Iranian Startups Embrace Landmark Agreement With U.S.

As negotiators finalized a deal on Iran’s nuclear program last week, entrepreneurs in Iran cheered.

Post-sanctions Iran ‘could be the best emerging market for years to come’

Hamid Mohammadi is excited at the prospect of international sanctions on Iran being lifted once a nuclear agreement has been signed. But he’s not that excited.

Western Investors Eye Iran’s Tech Sector Ahead of Final Nuclear Deal

In the week following the framework nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, Tehran-based Internet entrepreneur Faty Amir Soleimani pitched every day to Western investors for funding.

Iranian entrepreneurs thirst for foreign funding, expertise BERLIN | BY GEORGINA PRODHAN

Tohid Tasoujian is a co-founder of online fashion store Taxi Moda and one of a growing breed of Internet entrepreneurs in sanctions-hit Iran.

From Digikala to Hamijoo: the Iranian startup revolution, phase two

In Iran, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are among many sites blocked by the authorities, spurring a generation of young entrepreneurs to invent their own versions. Now, with the prospect of sanctions easing and the world lining up to invest in the tech sec

Startups Surge as Iranian Tech Finds Silver Lining to Sanctions

The group of men and women in their twenties sat in a frog-green office on orange chairs as they debated marketing strategies, occasionally breaking to tap on Mac computers or play a game of ping-pong.

Vibrancy of Iran’s Startups

The startup environment in Iran is improving, thanks to the active players in the industry working towards developing a culture that aims at encouraging the investors and owners of capital to support young talents, and a growing number of young enthusiast

Inside Avatech – An Iranian Startup Accelerator

[ANSWERED]: Your Most Burning Questions About How Iranian Entrepreneurs Are Building Companies via An In Vogue Acceleration Program. Are you new and unfamiliar with the Iranian start up scene? Check out this mini series.

Meet The Twin Brothers Transforming How Iranians Shop

Buying clothes and kitchenware from a market stall in Iran is one thing, buying cameras and other devices can be risky, which is just one of the reasons twin brothers Hamid and Said Mohammadi are transforming how Iranians shop for consumer electronics, an

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