The CEO of the Iranian National Bank visits Sarava Campus

The CEO of the Iranian Melli(National) Bank, Dr. MohammadReza HosseinZadeh, visiting Sarava Campus in Pardis Technology Park, met with the teams and knowledge-based companies supported by Sarava Company. Mr. MohammadReza HosseinZadeh PhD, accompanied by a group of experts visited Pardis Technology Park and Sarava Camps and recieved updated reports of activities regarding the startups working […]


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The European Investor of Sarava Enters the Stock Market

Pomegranate investment AB, the European partner of Sarava, has succeeded in absorbing of up to €60 million of new investments from tens of European investors and will have an initial public offering through stock market. A group of European entrepreneurs founded Pomegranate Investment Company in 2014 under EU regulations, in order to provide investments in […]

The Iranian Head of High Council of Virtual Space visited Sarava

Iran’s Head of High Council for Virtual Spaces visiting Sarava Complex in Pardis Technology Park was introduced to the activities of the company and some of the knowledge-based companies working under its support. During this two-hour event, Dr. Seyed AbolHassan Firuzabadi accompanied by a group of experts visited Sarava Campus and the startup companies working […]

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Here’s what it’s like to launch a start-up in Iran

About 15 years ago, he was the first kid in his Tehran high school to get the Internet. “Don’t try to tell anybody else about it,” he recalls his principal warning. “It might affect their culture, their beliefs.”

The Iranian Entrepreneurship Association uses GEI metrics to advance entrepreneurship in Iran

In Iran, one NGO has been busy for several years taking action that directly addresses bottlenecks in the Iranian entrepreneurial ecosystem, bottlenecks made visible with the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI).

Why Is Now the Best Time to Invest in Startups in Iran?

Many foreign investors are finding Iran’s market newly-opening to the world as the modern day gold rush. Many countries and companies have already sent delegates, days after the nuclear deal agreement in Vienna.

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