Sarava Campus

Welcome to the Sarava Campus

We help you create success stories. The Sarava Campus is a place where collaboration, mentorship, networking, and direct access to Sarava’s team fosters startups’ success.

Sarava Campus

Sarava’s modern building is designed to equip entrepreneurs and their teams with everything they could possibly need. The bilateral collaboration between startups and Sarava’s game-changing teams has changed the nature of the campus, turning it into a great networking hub and advanced learning center. Our campus is a place where the goals we are looking for in Sarava Way are properly examined and then prepared for the startup teams.


In Sarava Campus, we provide you with both collaborative and private working spaces to get the most out of the working hours. A large brainstorming room and several hangout areas are just a few spaces which help you foster collaboration among members of you team and create a close interaction with Sarava’s experts. In addition, your team members can use other facilities such as a dining area, playing area, cafeteria, library, usability lab, etc. to make their professional life enjoyable and more engaging. The building enjoys high speed wired and wireless network, UPS, and a Backup Power Generator to ensure you about continuous operations.

Organic foods and refreshing drinks

Homemade jam and organic foods are served for breakfast and lunch, respectively. Hot tea, coffee, etc. are always available at the campus. These all are made possible with the help of our professional and caring crew.

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