Culture beats strategy.

We believe that great companies have their own unique cultures. We work hard to create a unique culture where brilliant and passionate people shine. Here are the values that build our culture.

Core Value #1Strive for excellence

Our standards are high and in every moment of our lives we aspire to fulfill those standards.


Core Value #2Be passionate, inspiring, and eager to learn

We spend 70% of our lives working, so why not do it passionately as if we are inventing a rocket?!

Core Value #3Build an honest and transparent environment

We are honest in our speech and manner. We help facilitate this culture in the company. We also practice transparency in all the levels of the organization.


Core Value #4Work with freedom, take responsibility

We never shake our heads and say this is none of our business. We know we have the freedom to bring the vision of Sarava to life in the best way we can.

Core Value #5Be open to new ideas and make them real

We respect the spirit of entrepreneurship; taking initiative and understanding the situation as it is, while retaining the original vision. We are open to new ideas that change the world to a better place and entrepreneurship is one way to do it.

Core Value #6Celebrate every achievement, small or big

We don’t wait to celebrate our achievements. Every victory, small or large, needs to be celebrated. We believe showing appreciation will boost our productivity and motivation.