We empower Iranian entrepreneurs

Sarava is an Iranian private venture capital firm that provides entrepreneurs in technology related field with management experience and necessary capital. with our services in business and marketing strategy, designtechnology, talent management, financial, legal, and more, we support promising entrepreneurs who focus on the creation of value.

Sarava at a Glance

“Sarava is an Iranian investment company that concentrates on successful models of value creation through knowledge in management and the transfer of experience to the Technology based startups.”


icon-missionSarava Mission

We empower promising entrepreneurs, to build success stories, through our world-class practices, knowledge, and network.

icon-visionSarava Vision

We support entrepreneurs to create unique values in accordance with their dreams.

Investment Approach



In the first year of formation we provide startups with support to materialize a smart market entry strategy and use their seed funds to their best potential.


Startups with 2 to 3 years of operational experience and 20-50 people need to establish their brand dominance and venture investment.


Startups that have become market leaders require ongoing support and investment to dominate their regional and global market while expanding market share.

Investment Focus






Cloud Computing

Software as a Service

Thought Global, Act Local

Sarava has international experience in e-commerce. We do not abide by a one-solution-fits-all model. We apply our experiences to Iran’s local market with the help of promising entrepreneurs and experts.


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Unrivaled Support

Together with entrepreneurs and portfolio companies, our team works towards their success. with our workshops, training, leadership in talent management, business and marketing strategy, design, legal, investment and much more we provide entrepreneurs with unrivaled support.

Market Insight

With the ever-increasing share of web and mobile revenue in different countries there is no doubt that a new economic era is emerging. The GDP share of this economy in Iran is 0.8%; to Sarava this signifies vast areas for growth.

Iran: a tech-savvy and young country


over 44 million of the population
are between 20 and 35

Internet penetration
rate reached 47% in 2016

One of the greatest growth rates in
smartphone usage in 2015

Over 76 million
mobile subscribers

Meet Our Team

A team of game-changing entrepreneurs ready to help Iranian startups in areas such as strategic management and detailed visual design. Our investors, partners, and operations team are always available to support those who want to go beyond imagination.

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